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photo of Nanping Village
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Located in the southwest of Yi county, Nanping Village is a large ancient folk village with a history of about one thousand years.

There are about three hundred ancient buildings of the Ming and Qing Dynasties up until now in the mysterious Nanping Village: houses of grandness and spaciousness like kuiguang (the literary enlightenment) and xuzhi (orderliness); of elegance and diversity like shensi (careful thought) and bingling(ice slice); in shuikou the Forest of wansong (ten thousands of pine trees) with age-old trees and bridges; among layers of houses, the 72 old lanes crisscrossing like a labyrinth; the 36 wells, round or square, in which the water is clear and crystal; and along the 200-metre central line throughout the whole village, the eight traditional ancestral temples of elegance and resplendence. Besides, Mountain Linli in the south of the village has ever been the battlefield of the Three Kingdom Period (222—280) and the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom (1851-1864), where there are lots of anecdotes about personages as Yao Nai, Huang Shiling and Zhou Shoujuan. Nanping Village is also the shooting site of such famous movies as Ju Dou, Crouching Tiger and Hidden Dragon, The Sin of Revival, Big Turning Point, A Decisive Battle Upon The Destiny of China, Fanny's Smile,and The Sky of History, for which it is otherly named “China Movie Village”.

Nanping Village has already been listed as a developing project of the World Culture Heritage.

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