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Qutang Gorge is one of “Three Gorges of the Yangtze River”, the other two are Wu Gorge and Xiling Gorge.

It originates at Baidi Town, Fengjie County in the west and reaches Da'ning Bayou, Wushan County in the east. With a length of eight kilometers, it is well known for its grandeur and majesty. At the western entrance, two mountains of more than 300 meters high but less than 100 meters wide stand face to face like two opposite gates, with the southern one called Mountain Baiyan and the northern one Mountain Chijia, hence the name of “Kui Gate”. Waters rush rapidly in the deep canyon, at whose narrowest part of less than 50 meters wide the breathtaking torrents surge turbulently, roaring and rolling on incessantly.

The marvelous spectacles here include Phoenix Imbibing the Spring, Stone Inscriptions on the Painting Wall, Mengliang Ladder, Monk Hanging Upside Down, Bellows Gorge, Seven Gates, Antique Plank Path, and so on.

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Qutang Gorge
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