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Photo Gallery In Fuzhou:  
Author:  View: 5013 2007-05-24 16:26:57
photo of Fuzhou horse's tail port

Fuzhou horse's tail port

The horse's tail is south the Fuzhou East City approximately a 20kilometers small small town, is located north shore the Minjiang rivermouth. Hands down the locality to have a stone, the shape like horse,to Luo Xingta, the tail to the small town, the small town thereforeacquires fame. The horse's tail took our country modern times industrythe cradle and the navy place of origin, once were renowned in one'stime. Horse's tail Mawei dockyard is the Fujian Province biggestshipbuilding base; Towers millennium ancient tower - Luo Xingtafor Minjiang river gateway symbol; Southeast 10 kilometers place, haveMinjiang river of a Jin'gang leg scenic spot seven scenery. Ascends aheight to get a broad view the tower to go against, the harbor wharf,the development zone get a panoramic view. Both sides the river bankhas ancient artillery, may see in this the same year smoke and firefilled the air Chinese and French campaign battlefield, but also mightarrive the martyrs which the illustrious loyal ancestral hall wasgrieved by reminder of deceased gives life for one's country.
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