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photo of China Folk Culture Village
Photo By: Tom
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Located at Shenzhen Bay, the China Folk Culture Village was completed in October 1991 and covers an area of 180,000 square meters. As a large-scale cultural area for tourism, it is the first of its kind in China that has merged folk arts, folk-customs and folk houses of the various nations.

In the village are hamlets of over 20 nations, which have strong national features. In addition to appreciating various ethnic architectural styles, visitors can expect to enjoy watching as well as taking part in the singing and dancing of different nationalities and the on-the-spot demonstrations of making handcrafts; to taste local delicacies with typical ethnic flavors; watch carnivals of national arts, sing and dance performance by professional artists; visit the Exhibition hall of folk customs and enjoy folk festive celebrations etc. Visitors can have a taste of the colorful cultures of China's 56 nationalities.

In particular, Oriental Rainbow-colored Costumes at the central theater in the afternoon and Dancing with the Dragon and Phoenix in the Phoenix Theater in the evening are the most wonderful.

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China Folk Culture Village
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