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photo of Diecai Hill
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About 1, 000m far from the Fubo Hill, its name is derived from the layered stones in the hill look like the piled silks and brocade. Here the peaks stand embracing trees, which spread all over the hill. The famous scenic spots in the Summarize are Diecai Pavilion, Yuyue Pavilion, Mulong Pavilion, The Monunent to Revered Mr. Qu and Zhang, Reverence Hall, Windy Cave, River-viewing Pavilion, Cloud-catching Pavilion, etc. It was well-known as the “Collection of Landsacpes under Heaven” in ancient time.

Diecai Pavilion offers a charming bird's-eye view of the surrounding scenery and to the west of it there is a range of unique garden architecture in the style of the Dong, an ethnic group. The 20-meter (66 feet) long Wind Cave at the mountainside of Mingyue Peak (Bright-Moon Peak) was originally used as an underground watercourse. The long cave penetrates through the peak resulting in a draught, hence the name.

The park is the best place to get a panoramic view of the city. The suggested visiting time is around one and a half hours.


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Diecai Hill
Elephant Hill
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