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photo of Introduction of Yulin City
Photo By: Tom
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Yulin is called Yulin Prefecture anciently. the Prefecture, set up in the sixth year (111 B.C.) of Yuanding, Western Han Dynasty, had a history of more than 2,000 years so far, Profound “Ling Nan cultural metropolis” is accumulating inside Yulin.

Yulin is the native place of Mr.Li Wang, famous modern linguist, Mr.Hongxin Dang, academician of China Sciences Academy, who has contributed outstanding service in the research of “Two Bombs and one manmade-satellite”, and Mr.Jingwen Lin, academician of China Engineering Academy.

Yulin City administrates Yuzhou District, Fumian Management District, Beiliu City, Rongxian County, Luchuan County, Bobai County and Xingye County. Yulin total area is 12,838 sq kilometers and with total population of 6,100,000.

Yulin, always regarded as “the jade in lingnan, an albuns includes countless wonderful scenery”, is one of the Charming Tourism Cities of China. Yulin is the birthplace of Yang Guifei, a high-ranked imperial concubine in Tang Dynasty, one of the four famous beauties in ancient China. Here it is with Zhengwu Attic, one of the four famous pavilions in south of Yangze River, and Hell Gate Pass, one of the four famous passes in china history. Beyond these, there are more than 120 places of the historical interest including Yutian Folk Customs and Culture City, Mountain Darong National Forset Park, Xielu Villa, Mountain Duqiao, Mountain Lufeng and so on.

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