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photo of Taihang Great Valley Scenic Area
Photo By: Tom
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Taihang Great Valley lies on the south of the Taihang Mountains to the west side of the Linzhou City in the north-west of He'nan Province.

50km long, 1.25 km wide, 800-1793 meters above the sea level, Taihang Great Valley is a typical scenery of north China with steep cliffs, corresponding gorges, rising peaks, fancy rocks, roaring torrents, rushing waterfalls and singing springs. Lots of wonders one may find here, including the stone streets, stone courts, stone tables, stone chairs of an air of primitive taste; the natural amazement of blooming peach blossoms in winter and freezing ice in summer; the Wangxiang rock known as the soul of the Taihang Mountains; the unknown puzzle of Pig-voice Stone; the highest waterfall of Asia with a height of 346 meters and the world top class international gliding base that ranks No.1 in Asia, to name just a few.

The beautiful Taihang Great Valley is rich in resources of both natural views and humane sights. According to the layout, four scenic areas (Zituan Cave, Yungai Temple, Shuiyao Cave and Zhenze Palace) will be established around the three gorges (the Wuzhi Gorge, the Longquan Gorge, and the Wangmang Gorge), containing 44 places of interests involving gorges, waters, hills, stones, trees and more than 400 scenic spots. Green sea of forests, steep cliffs cut by the powerful axe of the nature, silver waterfalls, deep ponds of green waves, majestic temples, mysterious resolution caves and attractive folk stories will mingle into an amazing land of both natural beauty and humane culture.

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Taihang Great Valley Scenic Area
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