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Travel Notes In Mountain Langshan Scenic Zone:  
Author: lancy View: 4227 09-09-22 19:59

What To Eat

Blood-Sauced Duck  

In Xinning county, the local people have an old tradition of eating Blood-Sauced Duck in every Dragon-Boat Festival. Duck is a cute animal good at swimming. It was said that after the drowing of Great Patriot Qu Yuan people sent many ducks to save him. Unfortunately the attempt was in vain. After then, in memory of Qu Yuan  people have to eat Blood-Sauced Duck in every Dragon-Boat Festival.  


The Blood-Sauced Duck is delicious, but it is quite hard to make. You can add neither more or less oil, otherwise you can't get blood-sauced effect. So the people who can make good Blood-Sauced Duck must get well-trained and practise more. If you visit Langshan Mountains then you have perfect opportunity for practising!


Buffalo Flower Cake is made with local buffalo flower and sticky rice. But this cake is only available in about March to April each year because buffalo flower is mature then.


Buffalo flower is a local flower grows in field. Its leaf is light blue in color and very thick. Its flower is yellow and smells light fragrant. About March each year, local people pick buffalo flowers and pound to mix with sticky rice, then fry in the oil. It is so delicious and fragrant!

If you visit Langshan Mountains you must taste this special Fern Noodle, otherwise it will be a great pity for your trip! China ex-premier Zhou Enlai once tasted this noodle and commented"Fantastic!"


Fern is a wild plant full of starch. By the end of each year, local people dig fern stalk and grind it into powder, and then make noodle with its powder. It is highly recommended to eat Fern Noodle in Summber because it can prevent heat stroke. It really offers you a feeling of returning to the nature!

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