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Dongting Lake
Yueyang Tower

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photo of Introduction of Yueyang City
Photo By: Joanna
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Yueyang City lies in the northeastern part of Hu'nan Province beside the Dongting Lake. It joins the Yangtze River in the north and controls the water volume of the Xiangjiang River, Zijiang River, Yuanjiang River and Lishui River. According to Geological Records of Yu Prefecture: “Mufu is also called Heaven Mountain. The prefecture located south of the mountain is consequently named Yueyang.” It enjoys the world-wide reputation of “Dongting Lake is the best among all the lakes on earth; Yueyang Tower surpasses others of its kind in the world.” Furthermore, as the production base of grain, oil and cotton and the breeding base of freshwater fish in Hu'nan Province, Yueyang City produces rare aquatic products like Dongting whitebait and Junshan tortoise, as well as special local products like Xiang lotus seed, Junshan silver needle-like tea leaf, turtle and snake liquor and feather fan, all famous both at home and abroad.

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Yueyang Dongting Lake
Yueyang Tower
Xiangxi Prefectu...
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