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photo of Jin Mao Tower
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    Jin Mao Tower, which literally means “Gold Luxuriance Building” in Chinese, is reputed as “the first high-rise in China” and also one of the landmarks indicating that Shanghai has stepped into the 21st century, located at the financial trade zone of Lujiazui, new district of Pudong. It is a perfect combination of traditional Chinese architectural style and the world's modern architectural technology.
    The building comprises many offices rooms, a hotel, a sightseeing hall, etc., with a floor space of 290,000 square meters and 88 stories for the main body of the building (additional three floors underground). The first two floors are a capacious and bright lobby. From the third to the 50th floor are spacious offices, which are open-plan(column-free) with a floor-to-floor height of 4 meters and a floor-to-ceiling height of 2.7m. The 51st and 52nd floors are mechanical rooms. The Grand Hyatt Shanghai hotel occupies floors from 53 to 87. It's the world's tallest five-star hotel in terms of distance from the ground, which boasts a 152m barrel-vaulted atrium that is lined with 28 annular well-illuminated corridors and staircases arrayed in a spiral. The 88th floor houses the Skywalk, a 1,520-square-meter indoor observation deck, which is the tallest and biggest one of its kind in the Chinese mainland. It offers a panoramic view of Shanghai and a topside view of the hotel atrium below. The podium building is adjacent to the tower, which is designed as J·LIFE, a center for recreation and fashion. Jin Mao Concert Hall, located on the ground floor of the podium building becomes another venue for people to enjoy the performance of fine art at Lujiazui Financial and Trade Zone.
    The tower exterior employs an advanced glass curtain wall, which is crisscrossed by complex latticework cladding to remove the light pollution. Its fire and life systems are different from many other skyscrapers for their design to allow people to rescue themselves rather than waiting for others to come to their rescue. The building is also equipped with an excellent vertical transport system, with features like less than 35-second time for people to wait for an elevator and direct access to the office sections, etc. Its intelligent systems manage all functions and sections, and there is Internet access to every office desk and guest room. All functional equipments and facilities in the building are most advanced, making it a milestone in architectural history.

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Jin Mao Tower
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Jinmao Edifice,which is 420.5m high and is reputed as 搕he first high-rise in China?is also one of the landmarks indicating that Shanghai has stepped into the 21st century,located at the financial trade zone of Lujiazui,new district of Pudong.The edifice comprises many offices rooms,a hotel,a sightseeing
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