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Bataan is the peninsula which is found in the western part of Luzon. Bataan has an astounding cultural and historical background, heritage and history. The province has attractive scenic view and enchanting naural landscapes that describe the wonders of the place. Beautiful mountain ranges, amazing waterfalls, magnificent green valleys, exotic world class beach resorts and a warm hospitality that is truly Filipino.

Bataan has so much to offer that it is one of the most popular tourist destination in the Philippines. The province provides the adventure seekers an interesting things to do because the place proves to be a tourist haven boasting a multitude of exciting places to visit.

Bataan is located in west Luzon between Manila Bay and the South China Sea. The province has two parts and divided by a pass that separated the northern and southern mountains. Beautiful beaches are found in the eastern side. Bataan is easily be reach by ferryboat across the Manila Bay.

Bataan is very significant in the Philippines History because Bataan was among the first provinces to revolt against Spanish regime. Not only that in World War II, Bataan was the last line of defense against invading Japanese forces.

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